Secure your secret documents in the vault

So many people can have access to our phone and therefore to our photos, videos and documents, more or less directly. Your girlfriend / boyfriend, your wife / husband, your children, your friends, your colleagues, your parents, ...
It's time to secure your documents in a vault with PicSafe app.

Create albums

Create albums to upload, secure and hide your photos, videos and documents.


Password to enter the app & on albums, break-in alerts, change the app icon, ...


Organize your photos, videos & documents quickly and easily

How app works?

The application is very easy to use. Just upload your photos, videos and documents from your phone and create albums on the app to store them into your vault.
Your documents will be safe and hide.

Easy to use

PicSafe is very easy to use! Take a photo or video from the app or upload a photos, videos, documents to secure them into your vault. You can create albums and organize your documents as you want.

You can access them at any time.

Powerfull App

The application is powerful thanks to a reinforced security. You define a password that will be asked every time you open the app. You can also add password on albums.

If someone tries to access your vault, you'll know who he is and where he is. The app will take a selfie of the person trying to access it with the password he tried to use and you will have his exact location.

You can also change the icon of the application to be more discreet.

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Discover an easy-to-use app that will allow you to securely save your documents!

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I use PicSafe every day for my documents and it's great!




I use PicSafe for all my documents and I am very happy with it



Mobile Marketing Manager

PicSafe is perfect, I am much more confident about my photos



Marketing Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the app for free?

Yes you can use the app for free.

If I change my phone, can I get my photos back?

Yes of course! You just need to log in to your account from the new device.

What can I upload to the application?

You can upload your photos, videos and documents to your account in the application so that they are safe.

Is a code required every time I want to open the app?

Yes, every time you leave the app or go to another app, when you come back to PicSafe, the app will ask you to enter your code (or do a Face ID if you have enabled the option).

Can I delete the photos from my gallery if I upload them to the app?

Yes you can delete your photos or videos from your gallery directly by uploading them to the app. A popup will appear to ask you for a confirmation.

Do I need to activate my location data?

Only if you want the app to send you GPS coordinates if someone tries to access your account.